Dead & Company – “Althea” (Klipsch Music Center, 6/17/16)

(Deer Creek) – Noblesville, IN, 6-17-2016

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Jean Ely says:

John Mayer shouldn't be– and isn't– Jerry. But I will admit that there were couple of seconds during this song when the hairs on my neck stood up a little, as though I'd heard a ghost.

darkstar greyfolded says:

John is not Jerry that's for sure. But he is John and has a style if singing and playing that is his own. He is not trying to imitate Jerry and that to me is better than JK was in Furthur. Dead and Co have their own style and are taking this music to new place because of the fact that John isn't trying to be Jerry he is being himself and putting his flavor and energy into the music. Truly love this band.

Brandon Ellsworth says:

John straight F'in rips it here!

star cloud says:

John is really comin' along nicely.the notes are starting to ring in the right direction.

Scott Morrison says:

I just got my tickets for the summer shows. I love the Dead and even though John is no Jerry he Definitely holds his own. I was at three shows last summer. Camden Saratoga and burgettestown. I'm a believer! John put his big boy pants on

gratefuldingus says:

John did a great job as far as I'm concerned. It got better as it went along, too. towards the end of summer tour they were sounding fantastic. Some truly magic moments. Having said that, no one I've heard so far has been able to pull off a decent Althea. It's time to retire that one maybe?

Joe King says:

This one song was worth the price of admission. My fave Dead song for sure.

Jacob Byrne says:

there's a decent chance i was standing next this guy

Pete Lenox says:

one of the finest Altheas I've ever seen.

Michael Hayes says:

Mayer is on Fire! you know when Billy starts cheering while drumming, shits getting real!c

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