Dead & Company at Lockn’ Festival 2018 Set 1 day 1

D&C Summer Selection –
Lockn’ Festival 2018 –
Dead & Company 08/25/18
at Infinity Downs Farm, Arrington, VA, USA
Bob Weir – rhythm guitar, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Mickey Hart – percussion, drums
John Mayer – lead guitar, vocals
Oteil Burbridge – bass guitar, percussion, vocals
Jeff Chimenti – keyboards, vocals

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hashbury stumble says:

So glad I got on the bus ………at least I'm enjoying the ride !

Enter Cosmic says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video. The show was epic and such an unbelievable musical experience! Please bring Dead & Co back for Lockn 2019!

M says:

14:13 Pure Gold right here!

Devon Roche says:

Any way to get Day 2?! This is awesome. Great show!

Buck Nastey says:

Magic Night, All the Godz showed up, Venus, Mars, Juipeter, and Father Time Saturn all were satellite N with the Disco Ball Full Moon. Magic

Katherine Accettura says:

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Christopher Taylor says:

(Jeff + John) x (Bob + Oteil) x (Bill + Mickey) = Magic!

Candidateforpresident says:

They sound better than I have heard them ever. They sound very relaxed and as a unit. Nothin' is ever gonna be the Grateful Dead. But i gotta say the truth, and this goes back to the day when Jerry asked him into the band. Bob is great. Jeff is great. John is great. Oteil is great. Mickey is great. All the players are great, all of them that were in the band over the years, Jerry was great. Pig Pen Ron McKernan was great. The original 3 were great. Up Town Jug Champions. However, this goes no where without Billy Kreutzmann. Jerry rested on Billy. I don't care if even billy gets mad. I have heard several other drummers play these songs. It goes no where without Billy. Even back the day Jerry asked him into the band, it was going no where without Billy. I was so sad when my parents wouldn't let me go see them. Then I got off the train. Life does that to many of us. But to see and hear Billy play was a great great gift to my soul. I am so thankful to see this band play and give me an offering that is as close as I could be to this musical concept. Further was good, and Russo did well. There is no way this was going anywhere without Billy. Thank you so much Billy. I hope to catch the the next tour. I caught four shows this time around. Thank you Dr. Albert Hofmann. Thank you john Mayer. Love you bob. Miss you Jerry. Miss you pig pen. Hats off to Billy Kreutzmann. Nobody is buddy rich. There is just no other drummer that even comes close to Billy Kreutzmann. Thank you Billy.

rob v says:

Excellent quality video. Thanks for posting. Band sounds great.

Dhiraj K says:

Damn, mayer never fails to deliver

Dhiraj K says:

love these vids, Keep it up!!

Something Like Mayer says:

1:43 Hell in a Bucket
12:00 Scarlet Begonias
21:56 Brown-Eyed Woman
29:51 Ramble on Rose
39:05 Alabama Getaway
43:41 Cassidy
56:38 Deal

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