Dead & Company Band Together 11/9/17 AT&T Park San Francisco

This was a benefit show for those affected by the fires, many who lost everything- please donate and to help out, too, at

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Shane Wehr says:

Was right there and they hit it out of the park !! Thanks for posting —

Daveyboy says:

For the best dead and company setlist and show check out the wrigley field 2017 show…6 30 17 and 7 1 17….4th july weekend

Daveyboy says:


ashcroan says:

Appropriately sideways…as it knocked our friends and families in the Great North.

B Johnson says:

sideways works. As long as they are smiling.

Travis Terrill says:

Sideways or not thank you. I couldn't witness as it happened but it bright, it's early and my day just began with Playing in the Band!! What more can I ask for?!

Louis De Stefano says:

Thanks for sharing this so quickly!!!

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