Dead & Company (Boston Garden, 11.19.2017): Corrina

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Jessica Mcleod says:

Whoever shot this video, thank you, especially when you pan over and show the Celtics championship banners, then you pan back and show that jamband championship banner stealie hanging from the rafters where it belongs! Who knows what im talking about!?! Giving it to us straight from the Bolt!!!

sonowyno says:

Someone please post a clean version of this if they have one. Music is impossible to hear on this copy

jefffabrizio says:

I was fascinated watching the woman doing american sign language. What a lucky lady to get a job like that. But she can't look back I guess. Wonder if she's a fan… and I love Corrina… thanks for posting!

deadheaddug says:

When i heard that Dead and Co. played this, I had to try and find it!! thanks for sharing, and grate seats as well! shake it up now!

Scott Palatnik says:

Shake it up baby!

China Rider says:

one of my favorite bobby songs!

rosebuds31 says:

Thanks so much for posting this!

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