DEAD & COMPANY: Boulder, CO – Part 1

Follow me behind the scenes of the Dead and Company concerts at Folsom Field in Boulder, CO. Stay tuned for the more band-centric Part 2, coming soon.

Hunter So
Instagram: Hunter.So (

Produced by:
Monet Weir
Instagram: Monet_Weir (

Song used:
Vance Joy – Saturday Sun (Luca Schreiner Remix)
We do not own any of the copyrights of the music used in this video.

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BOBBY D says:

Vance Joy ? Duhh!

lazylightning 710 says:

Tf is this LMAO

thomas mccullagh says:

i dont know what the dead have turned into anymore

MrMushrooms420 says:

Proof Dead and Co. are just sellouts

Olo Mpali says:

American Beauty/Reality…show.

Zev Gur says:

I love the part where you give out miracle tickets – so awesome. My son still remembers meeting you at the Oregon shows behind the soundboard – you were kind with you comments and time

Rock n roll joel Rock N Roll Joel says:

I have 4 daughters ! Your dad should be proud. Nice work !

LateNotes says:

great great band. can't wait for the next tour!!

steve v says:

I like it, but it seems like a 2 minute long selfie.

Mike R says:

are there nudes?

fluffballhead says:

If she were my daughter, I’d…..

bodhi heeren says:

Bob must be a proud dad :-)

Glenn Hartman says:

Space force shirts made the video! Awesome! Inquire at

Zander Perkalator says:

CRINGE AS FUCK! Good thing you're pretty, girl, cause no one would give a fuck about you otherwise.

DSStephen1 says:

Ugh, WTF? Dead & Co(achella). Yeah, the tarnishing of the legacy of that innovative band of misfit, outlaw pranksters continues unabated.

Caroline Szabo says:

Very well done, amazing Monet & Hunter! So much work goes into filming and photography and editing, it's so amazing to me that this was made by two college students because it looks incredibly professional. Monet I'm so glad you're comfortable sharing your perspective and that you utilize the strengths of your friends instead of hiring a director. Hunter I can't wait to see your work keep getting bigger and bigger, please keep up with this you're great. Super excited for part 2!

Brady Hamilton says:

LOVE it! Thanks Monet. I love seeing the behind the scenes videos.

Bill Petrell says:

Bobby's daughters are beautiful girls….wow. and they keep him young. :) You seem to have captured the vibe perfectly monet. Be grate!

Michael Urban says:

This is fantastic. Thank You!

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