Dead & Company – Dire Wolf – Alpine Valley Music Theatre – July 9, 2016

Dead & Company debut “Dire Wolf” at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy Wisconsin on July 9, 2016. It was part of a great first set and a stellar show.

It was an excellent show, and I tried to capture some of it on video. There is a lot of movement and crowd noise, and fair amount of camera operator error, but I wasn’t filming a documentary, merely recording my experience of the show.

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Mrbombay420 says:

I love this song! I was sitting by my campsite and it was really quite and I stumbled across something that had the Dire Wolf on it. I went back and to all my family and said "on Saturday there going to play Miracle and then Dire Wolf" my friend asked how do you know? I just said I just know. and when they played Miracle I new what was next. I cried of joy when Dire was next. stellar show and summer tour!

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