Dead & Company – Eyes Of The World – 10-31-15 Madison Sq. Garden, NYC

Dead & Company is:

Mickey Hart – Drums / Percussion
Bill Kreutzmann – Drums / Percussion
John Mayer – Guitar / Vocals
Bob Weir – Guitar / Vocal
Oteil Burbridge – Bass
Jeff Chimenti – Keys

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Jamie Monozon says:

Was at the SF show. Been to 30+ John Mayer concerts. Do not miss this. Orgasmic musical experience

Jamie Monozon says:

Beyond brilliant! We must have an album soon! Rock my soul baby !!!!!

Samoset Seafarm says:

Glad I made the trek to D.C. This was my peak. 80 degrees that day too! Positive Vibes!

mpizzy says:

nice man… bob was really animated early in the tour :)

alk61695 says:

I was there that night.  This was probably the highlight for me.

MistuhCoolio says:

This is a song that should be sung super gently. That's what made the studio version so awesome.

jperryfan says:

Really great to see Bobby totally engaged. John was an inspired choice for this incarnation. Paul Reed Smith must be thrilled as well ' Private Stock axe and PRS amps as well.

Gabe H says:

blazing hottt

Jonathan Gal says:

Even John Mayer himself shakes his head in disbelief! New Heights! Onwards and Forwards! There are musical mountains to climb and new songs to write!

Jonathan Gal says:

Even Bob Weir is suitably impressed with his new companion!

rumandsoda says:

The show was absolutely amazing !! I never thought I would get a chance to feel a Dead concert again ….
All I can say is Thank you to the band and I hope you keep it coming …. !!!!

jeff wilson says:

Man this isn't a song Bobby should be singing. Good thing the music between them created the magic

hopeyourehappy21 says:

Wonderful version!

Jonathan Gal says:

One of Mayer's best. Up there with Althea, Fire, and Chinacat, his other standouts!

Steve Sobel says:

wow. right up there with some of my best live Grateful Dead experience. but then i missed the 70s.

Kevin Samuel Haber says:

I love Jerry GArcia with all my heart, but this is the best Eyes of the World Ive ever seen

Alfred Millikan says:

This is HEAT JM tearing up that Private Stock PRS. Tearing it up. Bobby is way into his soloing!!

1986graceland says:

You can tell bobby is really enjoying himself.

Heywood J. Blonaparte says:

Excellent, excellent. The farther into jazz they get, the better I like it. Oteil and Billy are the kings of this. So glad I saw BK3.
Thanks for posting!

Tony B says:

The only thing that could've made this a better version of eyes is if mayer sang it. Bobby is good on some Jerry songs, but I think mayer could've done this one better. Still an awesome version I was dancing in my seat.

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