Dead & Company – Eyes Of The World – Citi Field – 6-24-17

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Liz Graham says:

One of my faves… yeah Bobby throws that extra bar in there that they sometimes didn't, but this show was amazing in person!

Gary Henderson says:

Bobby please let someone else to play jerry songs as a head it don't sound right bro please play your songs they sound so good to me

Bruce Cohen says:

not UTTERLY INSPIRING…. don't dig BOBBY singing a lot of the JERRY tunes…
I love the GD.. but, I didn't make it to these Dead & Co shows…. they are charging ridiculous prices for these shows…

Wayne Gagnon says:

love the Dead but at times they are sounding their age.the drumming and Bobby seem tried at times, just pushing the song through, not taking any chances.A little slow and sleepy . But that been said, still love it. go on forever.

Michelle Schepper says:

The solo is inspired, original, and heart felt!! God Bless EACH & EVERY ONE of these trailblazing yet old school musical souls!!!!!!

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