Dead & Company Kick Off The Summer Tour! Good At Great Woods.

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richard harris says:

Dean's quote for the whole podcast was the band was stuck in 3rd gear he may be a little wrong with that they may have been stuck in second gear

richard harris says:

It's all over now is not a Bob Weir tune it's a rolling stone song

richard harris says:

Opening night in Mass was mediocre at best. everyone that I know that was at that show said there was nothing special about it their timing was off they did not sound good. those same people have been praising Camden for being the official opening night. I was in Camden right under John's microphone on the rail and I can tell you that Camden was the opening night for the tour

brandon ogilvie says:

Good shit dean

couchtourist says:

hot garbage, but whatever, everyones taste is different

Pun2404 says:

The concert tonight was so much better they get tighter every night as we all know, so it’ll be good tour.

Bhakta Billy says:

Rodney GD Dangerfield?

Larry Gottenberg says:

Dean you do a very nice job!! Was gonna go to Folsom Field but going to WEEN @ Red Rocks..Keep up your great work

Mary Lockman says:

Dean ya gots ta wear the offical colors Orange and Green. You were born a prankster. I love your energy you are a head no if ands or buts about it, or are you hm mmm I am not sure. JK

nubbins sawyer says:

working on my unbroken chain today and help on the way. the solo and such. theyre playing in camden tomorrow. but i cant go. ill watch it later lol. getting ready to do dead sets at my job. i work at a bar and my boss lets me play at work sometimes.

Tony S. says:

I don't give a damn!

dontaxemebro says:

Night two, looking MUCH better already!!

Johnny Doe says:

What do you think of Grateful Shred?

William best says:

I watched it via stream. I've been watching the band for over 45 years, and the chatter has always been the same, "what the hell were they thinking?" EOTW was nice, and it's always good to see the old timers. The Mayer kid, eh, I dunno, he's a good picker I guess. Things change and it's often hard to adapt.

Timothy Moran says:

Dude knows more about GD than you ever will. You are probably some millennial wannabe. You are the type the yells play truckin the whole shiw and can’t even differentiate when Weir screws up the lyrics for the umpteenth time.

Dillon Moore says:

Definitely no Vegas tour opener.

Lorin Stoll says:

I wish Weir would just sing the songs straight instead of hamming it up – it would make it easier for the others to harmonize correctly

Jason Speth says:

Holy flying batshit…does anyone really believe Dead and Co. is worth going to see live?? I watched the Webcast and for the life of me I don't see how anyone can legitimately say the show was good. It's SLOW AS FUCK!!! No tempo…no enthusiasm…no exploration. Fucking stop already.

Jewfro says:

I only saw the 2nd set. I really liked it, minus the Touch of Grey, which was way too slow and showed they barely practiced it. I saw them in Columbus last tour and I loved the show, and the full streams I've seen are pretty good, but I've definitely noticed the tempo problems some nights and Bobby should keep the Jerry vocals to a minimum.

P.S This is the first video I've seen of you. You've got such personality, man! I'm definitely gonna go through your channel and binge your videos!

Benjamin Baldwin says:

Love ya bro! You always nail it on the head.

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