Dead & Company – Live at Dodger Stadium 2018 Full Concert HD

Dead & Company
Live at Dodger Stadium
Los Angeles, CA
July 7, 2018

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Mark says:

Thank you!! I was there!! Got there a little late (about 7:15?) and walked the entire perimeter of the lot looking for "Shakedown St", but most everyone had gone in. So I walked in finally right in the middle of Deal. The rest of the show was smoking as far as I was concerned. I first got on the bus in 1985, with a show at Long Beach Sports Arena in November. I was completely sober!! I don't remember it at all. Only because it was so fucking long ago. Since then Irvine Meadows in '87 (when assholes broke the fences to get in ruining it for coming back.)
A show in '92 at Shoreline that stole my face right off my head!! A couple of Vegas shows with Stevie Miller opening. One at the Forum in '89? where I met Jackson Browne wandering around in the hallways. lol A Jerry solo gig at Irvine with Bob as opening act! That was a fun night!! A Bob show at Palace in Hollywood. A Cal St. Dominguez show in '90? that was so hot (over 105degrees) that they were passing flyers out on the way in warning about the heat. Terrapin melted me that day!!

I only mention to say that I know a decent show. And Dead and Co rocked it at Dodger Stadium. If anyone says otherwise? Sorry about their luck!!

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