Dead & Company: Live from Indianapolis (6/6/2018 Set 2 Opener)

We’re back live with the second set opener here at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center! Order tonight’s webcast at and watch the first set on demand later in case you missed it.

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Grill Cheese It


Mike Nunes says:

With a backbeat narrow, and hard to master.

Esko Pietiläinen says:

Jep, From Finland to…American Beaty!!

Chuck Sullivan says:

I was on the lawn & the sound was the best. Help/ slip/ Franklin/terrapin was magical. And the lighting bolts Jerry was throwing down during the last three songs was mind-blowing.

Esko Pietiläinen says:

Oh yeah! I am bag in Stokholm -89 or something! Thanks!!

Blake Whittington says:

This is more like it

Jeff Rogers says:

How is the camping scene all of these years later?

Jeff Rogers says:

I've been a believer in this combo since fall of 2015. I unfortunately had to part with my Alpine tickets this year and am still upset as I ended up having make that trip by myself and then hope to run into old friends and folks on Facebook. I'm upset too as these guys keep getting better and more songs breaking out every so often. 15 years since I've been close to impressed as in the better Jerry years. Fuck this sounds great and is this actually the old Deer Creek?

hayden hanes says:

Free download w ticket code…….AWESOME !!! Go NUGS

Freedog13 says:

Way to go Johnny Boy. Incredible.

Vermont Blues Player says:

I have been a skeptic until recently, but DANG Mayer is on fire on this SLIPKNOT, standing on Jer’s shoulders, reaching for the stars and the depths in all kinds of new ways !!!

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