Dead & Company – Mr Charlie

Bust Out!! 1st time played by D&C! The Gorge, George, WA. 29 June 2018. Pig Pen!!!!

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Scott Ressler says:

doesnt get better then this

Brian Odegaard says:

For years folks wondered when John Mayer would grow some nuts. Well, here it is.

David Unger says:

Awesome. How about Chinatown Shuffle next?

Atomus Bliss says:

MArvelous!! it doesn't sound better at 1.25!!

Joshua Orr says:

I was so stoked to hear this song

UNC FAN says:

The best Mr. Charlie I think the dead ever did they need to do this more.

Alan Sherwood says:

There are seriously people who voted this down?!?

maria palmer says:

Excellent ! play them blues Johnny Loved Jeff and John on this one .The whole band was on point with busting out this one . Crazy fun !

Joe Summa says:

Best DAC performance yet.

Peyton Greaney says:

Incredible!!! Love you John & Bobby

Carvin Manhasset says:

I was there, and this one made me jump up and dance, I love this song. Mayer did a good job.

theginn says:

I was at the show and I thought this was one of the highlights of a great show.

Ira Kittrell says:


Rod Ciferri says:

I think Pigpen would be proud of this version.

Curt Bayer says:

now we're talking.  KEEP PLAYING THIS SONG !!!

Steven Carlfeldt says:

I wish Phil had got a drummer in the divorce, miss that one drummer sound sorry.

Brandon Cupp says:

Yes! Now I'm looking for a hard to handle! Was hoping for this on the tour, and they broke it out! Love y'all! Thanks for the upload!

UHH... MY NAME IS ED. says:

Richard in all these damn videos this tour lol

Bill Blevins says:

Thanks for sharing. Smoking!

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