Dead & Company | Scarlet Begonias | Folsom Field |

Dead & Company | Scarlet Begonias | Boulder, CO | 7/14/18

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Grill Cheese It


Wild Card, Crystal Ball, Lovers, Lady Liberty says:

Cool Bean's \(^o^)/

Kelly Mcgrath says:

and people think white people cant dance.. this is proof they cant.. lol

Dash Jeffreys says:

To see Dead and Co in a state where weed is legal, shit thats a dream come true. Love the footage and vibe

Kiki Outdoors says:

I am in there @ 3:06. Ya' should have stopped and said hello :) Thank you for posting!! Was a fun couple of nights.

William best says:

Thanks! Real nice video. Guess that was the spot to be in if you was at he show!

Jim Waschura says:

Many thanks for this.

jbheth says:

John is proficient as phuck. Thanks for this. I shed a tear haha

turtle4614 says:

What a great weekend of music! What an amazing time and an even more incredible energy!

damnright4 says:

Thank you so much for this….I so enjoy all different angles of such events…….What a special Night….And I dare say, the people in this video should not feel like their space was invaded but rather you are forever embraced in something that means something to you forever …Its beautiful. Also the energy level at 5:18 is phenomenal!!!

Henrik Lindland says:

Love footage like this!

newspeedway says:

Awesome. Thx.

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