Dead & Company – Standing on the Moon (Shoreline Amph. 7/30/16)

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Grill Cheese It


Dan DeSimone says:

I stumbled across this last night by accident from the John Mayer subreddit and I've been listening to Grateful Dead music all day today. This has become my favorite song of the sample so far. Overall, their music just has a way of sucking you in. It's something that you don't feel with most music nowadays. I love it.


john and oteil locking it in during that solo

Thermal Chill says:

Nothing but Love for the old soul. Keep the sound alive and smile.

Jason Schmale says:

John Mayer is the best post Jerry fit for the boys. great musican

melonhead34 says:

This is an amazing rendition. Nicely done, holding true to the final note drifts towards the great light

Ken Jacobson says:

Thank you! What a good final show, eh?

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