Dead & Company – Sugaree

Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR. 30 June 2018. Mayer’s guitar solo gave me no choice but to post and show the interweb world!

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Lucas R says:

Thank you ! I know what you mean

kindjordan says:

The last couple of shows I have been listening to the guitar and saying to myself that Mayer's tone sounded completely different. I hate PRS and thought it was impossible to get a good tone with one. This video confirms the change…Hes still playing a PRS but gone are the PRS amps and he's got a line of Fenders now. So much nicer.

Craig B. says:

John Mayer looks wicked comfortable this tour, he’s feeling the music and crushing it on guitar. With each tour, Dead & Co keeps maturing, keeps developing and morphing into something as smooth as glass. The guitar starts gently rippin at 9:00 min in and just keeps layering itself on top of the next part of the solo, the shots of Bobby up next to Mayer were reminiscent of when Bobby would get up all in Jerry’s space…one of the best versions of Sugaree as well!

Lorin Stoll says:

MAYER TIME! Thanks for the upload

firstube says:

Wake me..wake me…sugaree…if this version ever picks up lmfao

Ramona Gerig says:

I was there and we had great seats. Wow, and I am so glad that the younger men are playing with them too. They all were grate! Best show (and weather) ever! Plz come back! Great video all-around too Jackalope.

hashbury stumble says:

I do believe John actually played a little bit of "Sleepwalk" by Santo & Johnny

UNC FAN says:

They fucking slay this song especially the middle to end jams it’s awesome

Corntassels says:

I wish I'd gone over to the stadium to eavesdrop but this is magical-er❤️

flyingrabbit76 says:

I was there! Great show

Theo Griffith says:

I was " Working" at this last night……I was working security for CMS outside checking bags….For the first set and soundcheck….I could kinda make this SUGAREE out from outside….. I was thinking " Can't Always get what U want" buts thats ok….I love the Stones too…So after people were inside and during intermission I was sent inside and as I'm walking thru the tunnel that leads backstage Who do I run into other than BILL WALTON……I said " Welcome to the Show BILL, " And he responded ……But then I was placed along the baricade between the common folk and the VIP's….and I had a blast…..These live vids dont do it justice….Go see them LIVE…..John Mayer And Oteil TORE it Up……And Bobby finally found a pair of shorts that seem to fit LOL….CAP was a lil Hesitant….and the drummers looked bored…..I am waiting for the vid of the whole concert……Highlights for me were, DARKSTAR……St Stephen….Shine Your Light……and the Broken Palace Encore………

Ann Zilio says:


Keith Bristow says:

WOW!!! i hope i get a show like this on the 11th in abq.

teddy G says:

I was in attendance at the show…I have yet to hear a crisper FOH sound mix…and yes, the second set was magnificent…the 2 jams in Here Comes Sunshine was a sign of good aural treats to come!

John Walker says:

Sounds so good…. thanks so much for sharing! What a second set….wow just wow

Diana Taylor says:

LOVE JM – such a Master guitar player, WOW these guys have just been outstanding through and through with each concert they have played "outstanding"

Brian Meagher says:

Oh i just caught it! Mayer played a lick from the song "Sleepwalk" by Santo and Johnny. That really beautiful instrumental song at the end of the movie La Bamba when Ritchie Valens dies.

Brian Meagher says:

Yes! Thank you very much for posting footage! The band was great and the crowd was great! Keep em coming would you please?

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