Dead & Company – The Wheel & Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes

BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ 01June 2018.

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Monte Smith says:

What venue was this

Principal Vernon says:

Loving that trippy intro.

Brian Rayburn says:

I love this iteration of The Dead and I'm enjoying John Mayer. At the very end of this, though, JM looks like a cat trying to cough up a hairball and I can't stop laughing…

Bella Bones says:

My song of the summer! Thank you Dead and Co

paullyp1111 says:

“Can’t slow down” cause if they do, they’ll stop. Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Matthew Smith says:

I was there to witness this and it was anything but boring. Yes I got to see Jerry and the dead a decent amount of times between 90 and 95 but these guys have been continuing to evolve the band and the songs and playing that happened after space was like a Grateful Dead dream I loved it. I hope this band plays for several more years I know they can, Bob is on top of his game huge and the drummers sound great.

Rebekah Levy says:

Nice. But just only that, so it's a bit sad…check this out for the spirit of what's missing, if you don't mind:

Eric ee says:

I was here.. I'll never forget these nights. 5th time. Nothing but love and memories

Louloe De'Palma says:

13:20 Diamonds kicks in.

QueerAndUnplugged says:

John Mayer's guitar playing should have been louder.

Robert Peacock says:

Almost sounds like they were gonna break into Uncle John's Band there for a second….

Merican Headbanger says:

Dam I could feel Jerry in the wheel

steve thornton says:

It's Jimmy Buffet! I'm falling asleep……ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

gordon hensley says:

the second set kicked serious ass — maybe best set of tour. the level of 2nd set energy and creativity was peaking. incredible stuff

idahoolson says:

one of favorites!

idahoolson says:

one of my favorites!just a like farr

Go With It says:

Hi guys! Well Idk I'm glad everyone had a good time but, Idk I kinda think that it was sorta sloppy and no connection with everyone playing to be honest. I appreciate John trying and maybe that's it he's trying to hard? his vocals I guess got to get used to, either way I'm happy they are touring, to bad I'm not able to See them this year Peace and Love*

couchtourist says:

painful to watch.

Zack swartz says:

I was there tripping my balls off, never heard this song till then well the 2nd song, just felt like a john mayer trio song when they broke this out

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