Dead & Company w/Branford Marsalis – Eyes of the World – LOCKN

Dead & Company w/Branford Marsalis – Eyes of the World – LOCKN

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Richard Head says:

I think if Jerry could hear this, he'd be laughing!

daddio jones says:

Stop posting shit from your phones, damn it! It sounds like shit!

Thadmotor1044 says:

interesting but sloppy . and something is missing . God Bless the Grateful Dead

mike fox says:

fav dead song ,but not when bob sings it

John Mark says:

Mickey's not even phoning it in anymore – he's fucking sending that shit telegram!

Jason Werner says:

Looks like its to slow for johns like
Lol, love the way bobby fits phrases into different pockets, changes it up a little, still sound amazing bob!

Justin Green says:

Wow. I’m still in shock that ppl enjoy this. Branford and Jerry knew how to have a musical conversation but this is totally unlistenable. Not surprisingly, Oteil is the only one actually doing anything here. The drummers are asleep as usual and Mayer is both lost and clueless. Seriously, how do you guys think Mayer is brilliant but Trey, Herring and Warren were not? I love the Dead’s music beyond belief but this is just brutal. At least I have JRAD. And Panic. And Ween. And Gov’t Mule Lite and Phish.

Roddy Piper says:

Dude thank you so much! you are a god sent! Peace and love brother! Peace and Love.

Christopher Jones says:

Bobby is killing me.

Joe McGee says:

It was another grateful Experience, just a really really long drive but it was really really worth it

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