Deal – Dead & Company – MGM Grand – Las Vegas NV – May 27 2017


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Leonardo Schneider says:

i was there… what a show!!! They took Deal to a new level… awesome…

PabloEsquandolas says:

Highlight of the night (for me at least). The Jack Straw stands out too. Great video and thank you for sharing!

grunzy says:

Awesome video. Out of the whole show that evening, I had hoped you had this recorded, I taped the last 8 minutes. lol

maria k palmer says:

Excellent!!!!!! John slaying ! The whole band is over the top!
Great video ! Thank You

richard harris says:

I love Bliss Stanger he's got this great video with great sound and if you look in the bottom right I'm the fat bald guy with the glasses blowing out the big joint smoke! dude you made my night thank you for making this video once again you come through brother I've got to meet you at one of these shows. I will be in Hollywood, San Francisco and Salt Lake

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