Feel Like A Stranger – Dead & Company 10/29/2015

Dead And Company at the Times Union Center, Albany, NY 10/29/2015

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firstube says:

you know it's going to get boring, some things we just know

Todd Conrad says:

When Mayer hits his stride, it's going to be mind blowing!

Jonathan Gal says:

Mayer is very talented … and energetic!

Jeffrey Carter says:

I like John Mayer's playing here. Pretty good Garcia/envelope filter tone. Bobby? not sure? Buzzed?

729pjp says:

I miss Phils sound, not his vocals, but his SOUND. Otherwise fantastic

Chris B says:

And again…the sound of people talking straight through the song. Why even buy a ticket? Why even come to the show? It's not like you're paying attention to the band. Someone who actually wants to listen to the music could have had your ticket. PS. Damn kids, stay off my lawn!

Zen Runner says:

Brilliant Stranger indeed. Mayer!

Erik Brown says:

Can't believe people pay money to watch this. Tempo is off. Butcher their own tunes. Awful. Maybe they should play JM tunes instead. 30 years loving GD but not loving this.

Captainfred666 says:

thanks for sharing this!

Brian Ivey says:

like the boys didn't know he would fit? I wasn't thrilled at first but I'm impressed!!

beachroadbum says:

As always thanks Sean for the super camera work and lightning fast upload! U da man! John Mayer fits in like a champ great musician

Jd Malave says:

Day 1 and this appears to be solid as @#$!. Cant' wait till MSG

AnnMarie Santaniello says:

Love Mayer!!!

Grant C says:

far out that's a slow stranger

Sean Bell says:

Thnx for post!

Jacob Torres says:

Great work! I hope to see more. I have lots of files to trade. Feel free to pm!

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