Fire on the Mountain – Dead & Co., JiffyLube Live 6/22/17

Fire on the Mountain – Dead & Co., JiffyLube Live 6/22/17

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jack tso says:

It is 50 years later, and real musicians (and some founders) are still representing the band. I have no problem with that at all, in fact this vid sounds great. I wish they'd go all in, and make some new music too!

Chris Caveny says:

john should sing Scarlett, Oteil Fire

Kevin Mannix says:

John plays so much better when Oteil sings

bryan hargis says:

J. Cornell…your my new best friend mother $#=%er!!!! Thanks for posting bro! that night was amazing, I've thought about it everyday since

dubseedz757 says:

I lit up my joint when they played this.. I was up front with my Dad., amazing night to say the least.

Mark R says:

Let him sing Jerry tunes!!! Mayer can't grasp the tempo

VibrationsfromMirror says:

Thanks Cornell! Pit was hella packed! Let Oteil Sing!

Ray Lang says:

that's pretty good.

dpayne7571 says:

Oteil sounds great!

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