Furthur – Sweetwater Music Hall – 01/19/13 – Set Two, Part One

Sweetwater Music Hall
Mill Valley, CA

Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Joe Russo, Sunshine Becker, Jeff Pehrson

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Sam Farwick says:

Fantastic show, I hope we see more in the Furthur Future. Stay healthy Bob
and Phil!

Tonya Stultz says:

Can’t EVER get enough!!!!!!!

Bernie Miller says:

yourpsych, prior to 53 is the opening jam to “the eleven” and it is very
catchy indeed; then, after the lyrics follows another jam. have you joined
us on ‘the groove-itis bus’ ? Shakedown seal the deal ? Scarlet ? The
melody of unbroken chain? Search also for vids of ‘Rubin and Cherise’ and
‘Foolish Heart’ here at sweetwater. awesome. peace out.

Jason Smith says:

Can’t stop watching these shows!!!!

Alison Johnson says:

buckwheat would defenitivly approve of all this.

garry mitcham says:

This show is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing the show! It’s exactly
what I needed this morning.

1falconeye2 says:

I wish they would come to south Florida near Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or Palm
Beach area!!!!

Bernie Miller says:

meant to type ‘yep’ not ‘tep’ before that is a beautiful looking and
sounding guitar John has; so many high points with it, like unbroken chain..

pizzatherapy says:

Oh so sweet….Dear Mr. Fantasy, play us a tune….simply incredible…

Alison Johnson says:


Steve Sharkey says:


david bonan says:

Dear Mr. Fantasy> The Wheel> Let It Grow, St. Stephen> The Eleven,
Shakedown Street> Unbroken Chain> Scarlet Begonias>

Douglas Buzby says:

I am not the one you asked. Replay Media Catcher 4 works very well.

randygarner44 says:

Actually sounds a bit like a “Hard to Handle” jam between @44:00 and @48,
then they switch from a minor key to a major key @49:00 for the proper
“Eleven” intro. imho.

randygarner44 says:

Sorry, @ 46:48. I meant.

Sander Freeman says:

john can sing and smile at the same time and his new guitar and rig sound
great they enjoy it for us dear mr winwood

Bernie Miller says:

tep, they sure are addictive. I wonder if these fans knew how lucky they
were? Bobby and Phil played to sold out football stadiums and now are 5
feet away from some ! I can visualize them selling out Royal Albert Hall if
they toured England and Stevie joining them on stage for DMF…not that
they need his help but just for the fun of it all.

Steve Sharkey says:

And The Cherry On top

ytpsychedelic says:

Awesome, thanks a lot. Was hard to figure out at first glimpse since they
transition from one to the other in a very eloquent way!!! ;)

martin warner says:

they r so fucking good <3

michael scott says:

It sounds so good…..makes me remember.

mrmojorisen95 says:

Thank you for these uploads…..the Althea in the first set was off the
hook….never ever heard it jammed like that …..Furthur For Life

ottis1guy says:

Jer would love this band.

ytpsychedelic says:

What is the jam that plays around the 53:00 mark? I’m not a fan of Grateful
Dead but this gig right here might seal the deal.

admin says:

awesome… just awesome

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