Hat Theory Resurrected at The Gorge!!!

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M Washington says:

Hilarious. Great review. I was at the Gorge and it was an awesome night.

Alex Corll says:

"Mayer looks like he banged Raggedy Anne and took her jacket"
lmao, this is why i subscribed.

Jonathan Banks says:

Agreed on Ballad of a Thin Man. One of Weir's best Dylan tunes.

Jonathan Banks says:

Did Grateful Dean "really" go to Harvard?

Payton Wallace says:

20 years old, second Dead and Co show I've been to. Loved seeing them at the gorge . Mr.charlie was a treat.

Alex Corll says:

It was a great show, glad I went. Was hoping for Brown Eyed Women, but got Terrapin and some deeper cuts that were cool to hear.

Stagger Lee says:

Dean, since you know the guys on the rail, who's rock star Richard that people keep talking crap about on D&C videos.

Stagger Lee says:

Dean, love your "Oteils doing the funky chicken". Seeing a black dude get down on a bluegrass tune is pretty cool.
Wish I could hear him play. He looks like he's having fun.
Turn up Oteil!

Stagger Lee says:

My quick review…Bob mutilated Crazy Fingers. He struggled with the words and I cant even call that singing. He battled with his guitar and the whole band wreaked of discord. Terrible performance. Retire Fingers. Never again.

Cumberland rolled out of it and saved the day. Bob sings it great and, well, Jeff! Holy shit! This was a bluegrass version, instead of their slower funky one but Jeff brought the funk and hooked up with Mayer like Klugman and Randall in The Odd Couple.
Unfuckin real. I listened to it six times in a row! I enjoy D&C version better than GD and Jerry was a banjo expert.

They played my fave Bertha which Mayer didn't get off on until the third solo cycle which Jerry rarely played. You guys notice many of the solos have more cycles than they did with Jerry? The tempo isn't the only thing making the shows longer.

That's the three songs that hit me the most for the better and worse. And Bob sounds awful singing Loser.

Michael Bevers says:

I always enjoy your work!

Timothy Moran says:

You seem more like a Hartford guy. Love you long time.

Jason Jockomo Cares says:

That was almost to much fun!
Like Deer Creek, the energy was off the hook. Jeff stealing the light giving me flashbacks of Brent doing the same.
Seeing Otiel dancing to his mate's magic, the boys smiling ear to ear at each other and the fans going nuts, some of why we do this again and again. ❤

melissa tiernan says:

Thin Man, wait, wha?!…Ha, you made me look! ;) thanks for reminder on 89 Oakland, what a dancing blast.

Benjamin Baldwin says:

Dean, you bring joy to my Dead experience. I hope to buy you a beer one day and burn one with 'ya. Your description of Playin'.. is priceless. Takes me back. Cheers, brother

Brandon Cupp says:

Can someone upload that Mr Charlie, because he said so!

JT Woods says:

You should feel extremely comfortable at a police station – you look like a cop

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