Imagine – Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Jeff Chimenti and Robin Sylvester

On Saturday June 20, 2009, Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Jeff Chimenti and Robin Sylvester performed a fundraiser to support Senator Barbara Boxer 2010 re-election.

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Redwood Tony says:

Awesome job for an awesome cause… Thanks Bobby! Hope to see you
performing up in Humboldt sometime soon!

icecoldhubbas says:

lol at Bob reading….

whalstib says:

@MrGrevy Hey I used to like this stuff but I decided to think instead of
imagine. This is a really lame rendition of a corny song that most would
not consider if they were not star struck, personality worshipers.
MrGrevey, A definition of embarrassing would be your scrawny torso on your
YT channel…what the heck are you thinking?! ;D

whalstib says:

@MrGrevy Don’t ya love the internet! Under normal circumstances we would
probably laugh this one off but we’re now on the verge of an insult war!
Just messing with ya bro…don’t take it to heart… Peace.

dshapiro21 says:

this is actually really good! where is his acoustic? would love to see a
Ratdog break out of this tune. LOL at :42 in Bob wants to go rockstar on us
but has to tone it down

mybenito says:

I feel more threatened by the world military complex then by some hippy
dribble. I hope someday you’ll join us.

gooch mcnignuts says:

GARCIA ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!! no rat dog.

whalstib says:

Hey! We don’t have to imagine! Stalin did this! So did Mao and Hitler! Yea
right…. imagine…quintessential hippy dribble.

MrGrevy says:

@whalstib Just because I enjoy a song doesn’t mean I adopt its message as
my life philosophy. Are you a child or autistic or something? It’s bizarre
that you wouldn’t understand that. “Personality worshippers” lol what an
absurd joke. I’d hardly call myself “scrawny”…yet another nonsensical
statement. I love that you lack the common sense to know that one can think
and imagine.

Jeff Steinert says:

not a great choice for Bobby….sorry,I love ya man, but retire this one

MrBillAMiller says:


MrGrevy says:

@whalstib You are utterly, embarrassingly lost.

radio19952001 says:

lol @ supporting Barbara…Goes to show where california has gone too..the

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