Jack Straw – Dead and Company June 24, 2017

Dead and Company at Citi Field in Corona, Queens, New York City on June 24, 2017

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Joseph Palestrini says:

My 2nd Dead show. 1st was NYE 1980 Nassau Coliseum, NY. The NYE show was very mellow, so I didn't really love it, but I still had a good time. Partied a ton, met some super nice people, what more can u ask for?! But, as time went on I learned to love the Grateful Dead, their culture, and what they gave each night. Some1 once told me "there is nothing like a Grateful Dead show" and they sure were right. Good times, good music, surrounded by good people. Long live the Dead, their music, their fans, and all associated with putting on such great events/get togethers.


This simply soothes the soul

David Ades says:

Where is Phil?

Cindi Klug says:

2 years ago in Chicago the Dead totally rocked. I hope you were all there for 3 nights of music and fantastic fireworks!

Dublin says:

Mayer knows he slayed this one

ClueSign says:

Johnny showed that tune who's boss.

Stephen Jones says:

Bobstar on a mission!

Josef Antinucci says:

Thanks for the hard work!

Henry Brown says:

Fucking fantastic jack straw. I've always wanted to hear it live and finally got it last night. Couldn't be happier. NYC and the dead. Doesn't get much better. Stepping into my dads shoes when he used to go to MSG with his college buddies in the 80s and 90s. Now I'm doing the same thing. What a country.

Rock n roll joel Rock N Roll Joel says:

Thank you grate work !

Ralph Herman says:

just an old wooden boat 75 Johnson electric choke!

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