Jackie Greene – “I’m So Gone” feat. Jeff Chimenti – Mountain Jam 2013

Jackie Greene performs “I’m So Gone” with Jeff Chimenti at Mountain Jam at Hunter Mountain on 6/9/13.

Directed by
John Deeney

Executive Producer
Gary Chetkof

EIC/Line Producer
Chris Andersen

Audio Mix
Chris Andersen
Adam Widoff

Video Engineer
Michael Mapes

Camera Operators
Lee Capenetti
Tom Cheyne
Steve Marlowe
Dennis O’Clair
Ray Pugnacco
Raj Sirohi
Tim Sullivan
Aaron Weisblatt

Audio Technicians
Robert Frazza
Jeff Notti
Troy Pohl

Post Production
Dino Davaros

Remote Video Facilities
Nevessa Production Woodstock
Units 3 and 5

Special Thanks
Alex Beckman
Atomic Pro Audio

© 2013 Mountain Jam, LLC
All Rights Reserved

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