Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir on Letterman 1982

Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir on David Letterman 4/13/1982

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Grill Cheese It


Master-Murphy says:

This is CLASSIC !

Cburgess421 says:

Bob did all of the coke before Monkey and the Engineer…

Music Maven Publishing says:

Haha. Good times

mykmmc says:

it the dead heads fit …..Weir it

vincent parrella says:

8:00,Jerry has such a sweet touch on his axe.Miss him.

big hupp says:

where are bobby's daisy dukes

Mr. Charlie says:

00:05:47 Deep Elem Blues

mike fox says:

bug eyed bob

Derrik Ferguson says:

I love this.

AOB says:

Bob is high as fuck

marysue wardell says:

Such great music and I'm not even high

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