John Mayer Dead and Company “I Know You Rider” Philadelphia, PA 2015

Against the fence inside the Pit. Fantastic.

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thomas Mesen says:

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Thomas Mesen says:

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K J says:

Mayer adds a cool, country, Jerry-esque sound to the band. I really like it. Jam on. I can't wait to see it live.

Jim Perez says:

There's some videos on you tube of Mayer jamming with Phil Lesh that are well worth watching

Drew Mac says:

I really like Mayer's guitar work here, overall I'd give the performance 8/10, the video 6/10 and sound quality 11.5/10. Drizzle x

Ed Migliaccio says:

The PRS Private Stock Super Eagle, the most un-secret, secret guitar in history!

Dangshnizzle says:

John Fucking Mayer ladies and gents

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