John Mayer Goes Green In “New Light” Video

John Mayer’s new video for “New Light” is hard not to watch. Yes, it’s goofy, cheesy and cringe-worthy but that’s the whole point. In a recent tweet Mayer explained how discussions about a budget for the video were going nowhere so he took it upon himself to get a video made.

Mayer decided on a nearby video company that specialized in birthdays and bar mitzvahs to produce the video… and the results are pretty much what you’d expect!

In the video for “New Light” which you can see here:

Mayer hams it up to the camera and makes the green screen work overtime. It’s so bad, it’s good, which is the point.

The song itself is typical John Mayer adult contemporary fare with unoffensive melodies and lyrics about love lost or yearned. It does have a nice, short guitar solo with nice tone is not surprising considering his current work with Dead & Company, a reworking of the Grateful Dead minus Garcia and Lesh.

Mayer has been doing a phenomenal job with Bob Weir and Dead & Company lately, which you can check out here:

Just like someone who were to join a Frank Zappa-like band, if you go out with the Dead, you better be good and Mayer delivers. With the Dead, it’s more than just playing the notes you’re given, it’s about finding notes you’re NOT and being able to play off of others and find your way through an improvisational jam and THAT takes extreme talent.

Another great example of his guitar work was his interpretation of “Human Nature”, which was performed at Michael Jackson’s Memorial Concert:

Let’s also not forget the John Mayer Trio which formed in the mid-2000s featuring Mayer, drummer Steve Jordan and Pino Palladino:

So, what do you think of Mayer’s new song and video? How about his work with the Grateful Dead or anything else he’s done?

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Me Yo says:

he wAs trying to be who he is acting like he's not that but totally is it's called fake

Tyrion Lannister says:

I felt like I was listening to my older brother as I read your comments. He and I share a lifelong devotion to Yes and other progressive rock music like King Crimson and Genesis, but where we part ways is his simultaneous (extreme) devotion to the Dead. It doesn't matter the occasion, he launches into Dead stories and commentaries, including his attendance at concerts by of all the post-Garcia versions of the band. Ah, well, some people only get it half right, I guess. ;-) I look forward to more of your videos when you come back from the land of the dead. ;-)

Stephen Goldberger says:

Hi – like your channel m8!

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