John Mayer – Simple Song (Snippet)

MAYER SEASON IS OFFICIALLY HERE! John has been all over the place lately. Fresh off the heels of Dead & Co’s summer tour, John has been hard at work on new material, as well as collaborating with other musicians. Earlier this month he played a few of his tracks with The Roots & Pino in NYC, then played lead guitar during D’Angelo’s headlining set. Then played with Alicia Keys the following night! And the next week, ‘Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’ brought out John for their second set, as did Bob Weir during one of his solo shows last weekend. And this Thursday, I am very excited to say I’ll be seeing the legendary JOHN MAYER TRIO perform for the first time in years at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY! It has always been a dream of mine to see them, so I can only imagine what they’ll have in store.

This performance is from a surprise appearance at Hotel Cafe last week, which happened to be on John’s birthday. He played with David Ryan Harris and they took turns playing each other’s songs. John also revealed that DRH will be joining him on tour next year! I can’t really tell if this is a real song or not, but it definitely has that Room For Squares era vibe.

Please stay tuned for the latest JM updates. I know there are countless other JM fan pages on YouTube now, but thank you to everyone who has followed me all these years! There will be much more coming soon, I promise.

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Kyle Joyce says:

How can John make a 57 second snippet sound like a full song

samme79 says:

Did he play the whole thing or just until the end part? If he did play the whole thing can you post it? :( I'm asking because vid ends with the song still kinda going

Brandon Walton says:

It's actually nostalgic coming back to this channel as the snippets start to roll in.

FreaquedeMusique says:


Sal Marquez says:

You sir, had a lot of play time during my college years. Thank you for always staying on top of the hidden tracks and gems. Keep doing you!

Sam Smith says:

Thanks for posting this. If you find a full length, please share!

Kevin pusateri says:

whats he say? On the "I dont want to suffer fools"

64ccd says:

Thank you for being the go-to channel for John Mayer-fans all these years!

nicoleps says:

I am really happy for you. Enjoy the show. Thanks for the thorough update in addition to the song clip. I appreciate all of your videos and efforts.

joshmaddux says:

Wow.. I very much enjoyed reading this! I've always wondered who this phantom person was that always posted the BEST vids and bootlegs of John. Thank you very much for doing what you do. Cheers!

Hughie Devine says:

Thanks Chaferbud! Love it!



Colin Weeks says:

dude you're a legend — thanks for the content :)

Armin SB says:

Please film the trio!!!! <3

luvintheacoustic says:

I love you for this. Thank you

Mike Noname says:

thanks John, now get your ass back with Bobby & Company and make America Grateful again!

3chandeliers says:

The man, the myth, the legend: Chaferbud.

Nick Johnson says:

you're alive! woah

Demarcus Seaborn says:

I love it!!! I need new John Mayer music.

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