John Mayer Talking About Dead & Company and more … | Live on Instagram | 26 January 2018

John Mayer Talking About Dead & Company and more | Live on Instagram | 26 January 2018
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Grill Cheese It


James Peters says:

John I'll make you a deal…I will be your therapist (something I am good at) in exchange for guitar lessons (something you are good at)

murwo78 says:

Bob your right man they can have later on kids . I mean their sperm always work, unless something is wrong.

Dale Marler says:

Sean who? I couldn't make out the last name. Lennon?

Kristi Rielly says:

world series of wailers

Sebastian Casano says:

World Series of Wailing

TheSharipaula says:

you can't have multiple goats. you can't have multiple goats?

TheSharipaula says:

wait Bobby was at Grannys, you weren't?

Suzannah Ur says:

I was just thinking of imlucky to have closed my eyes and stood Ian’s rocked myass off the whole concert . July 2017 Paso Robles I actually was incredibly embarrassed and I thought how this has got yo suck and I’m sure as you had your arm around a silly very shy fashion model thank you from my heart for your fragility andyour take charge ima cool cat ha ha I love it .. you rock for this your a treasure Samta Barbara bowl is waiting for you and wow you have just got to blue the dust of your talent I have but it was a Ferrari . I live autograph it. Suzannah wanna need Grammy w of dreams your

alphasxsignal says:

Erika Costell is the real goat leader on Youtube.

alphasxsignal says:

He had sexual napalm at one time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alphasxsignal says:

Is he out west at his Ranch??????????

alphasxsignal says:

Katy is helping Minnie put her star on Hollywood

Tinaskingdom says:

never mind…You're right, there is just one G.O.A.T. …..I think.

Tinaskingdom says:


Allan Pusey says:

World series of words and music?

Freddie C says:

Best ending

murwo78 says:

This man its crazy 40 years old still single.

Sam Beason says:

Low key sounds like he has such a sad life.

William Moser says:

Gave up waiting for Dead & Co

Paul Hopper says:

Girls were hot wearing less than bikinis
Rock man lovers driving Lamborghinis
- Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby"

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