John Mayer – They Love Each Other (Grateful Dead Cover)

John and his band covered one of my favorite Grateful Dead tunes the other night at Shoreline Amphitheater! So glad to see he’s getting comfortable enough to play their songs on his own solo tours. It’s also awesome to hear him play Dead songs with Steve, they’re really able to pick up the pace a bit more vs. Dead & Co.

Disclaimer: Sorry about the screaming girls at the beginning, I couldn’t find a better version online anywhere.

Credit goes to Christina Reeves for recording this performance.

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Grill Cheese It


Chris Vo says:

1.25x and it's a lot more like the upbeat version!

Cj Hud says:

john has eaten over 10k doces since he met bobby

Luiz Vicente Rodacki says:


Keith Turner says:

Fantasic bass

Julian Graham says:

God bless ya chaferbud

hiterss says:

dude where can I get this show on flac? also who was the taper?

TheUpwardSpiral says:

chaferbud is BACK for the MAYER fans!!!

Fusion Speedsoft Zach says:

I loved this concert john was amazing the trio back together was something to behold

SirGawain8 says:

I turned the bell on. I'm ready for never heard before songs!

SirGawain8 says:


Tactical x Recon says:

My pants are ready for some John Mayer exclusive never heard before songs!
(no homo)

Jesper Jansson says:

He is back with the uploads! Hell Yeah!

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