Kicking It Off In Camden, Take 1!

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Jay Green says:

oh dear lord so many goobers…the tempo, the chemistry, the song selection…hilarious…painfully obvious very few here, especially derpy dean has any idea what it takes you make music…just because you can criticize it doesn't mean you understand it.

Jason Allman says:

This is over your head. The message is being lost, if it was ever heard at all.

richard harris says:

Welcome to the official opening night of the tour night one in Camden

Patrick Hagerman says:

I was there, it was an incredible show. You seem to want to nitpick at tempo, which was perfectly fine on every single song, (this was not the case in Mansfield especially on Alabama Getaway and Touch of Grey) and at your perception of band attitude (listen to the music, don't assume you know how they feel). As a player myself, I can tell you that some of the most fun I have is when I am focused and listening to my bandmates. This does not always translate into a smile, but usally translates into good jams.

Dark Star>St. Stephen>BMR was absolutely excellent. Find a three song run in Dead & Co history better and let me know. This was peak Dead and Co.

Wharf Rat was also very good. You bring up difficult harmonies in wharf rat. Wharf Rat is a difficult song to sing, period. Bob is 70 years old and his range is not what it used to be.

You speak of every little bad thing you perceive, but neglect the best parts musically. Go back and listen to the harmonies in the Jack Straw opener and Cassidy. John singing Phil and Donna's part respectively. They are note perfect.

I suggest you go into your next show with a more open and less critical mind. Have a show experience. Then listen back to the recording the following morning if you want to nitpick.

6/1/18 is my favorite of the 5 Dead and Co shows I have attended, narrowly edging South FL in February and its poignancy surrounding the Stoneman Douglas tragedy and Atlanta a year ago.

Jeff Kirleyjeff says:

Where's night 2 review, i thought the first set was very good, for a change, ha ha

bob733333 says:

Mayer's vocals on Jerry tunes are way off. It just doesn't work. Go ahead and compare to any decent Jerry.

Ace says:

Stop the show and find (Lightning Bullet) Billy's ball cap, that's only thing that keeps his head from potentially exploding. … Guys: You're F'n Rockstars, so just Have fun up there… That's why we're all here! Thanks Dean- I like your reviews almost as much as the show itself.

G The Entity says:

How about the unfinished set last night man‽ it'd have been pretty dope!

Furd Felmer says:

The sound mix over the net was good, but you are correct, the pace and chemistry on stage seemed off…for whatever reason.
I could tell from the first night,,,the guys are a bit 'tight", maybe nerves, maybe too much "business" concerns over the music, I don't know…it's still early in the tour, and the Dead, back in the day, never played the same from show to show…hopefully the "fun energy" will start flowing from the stage.
Good, honest review, thanks.
Keep on truckin.

WilliamsBallMusic says:

Right on with the theory about people not having fun onstage.

WilliamsBallMusic says:

The show in Mansfield was bogus.

Richard The Lion Hearted says:

Jerry Garcia is dead. It’s over. I saw them numerous times from 1980-1992. Jerry died at 53 but looked 80. By 1992 Jerry was deep in the herion. His playing deteriorated remarkably and hence stopped seeing them. I had a hell of a good time.

Mandy Dewald says:

Clearly John is having fun, & if Bobby wasn't havin fun…,or @ least pleased, he wouldn't play with him. Get what u are sayin, but it'll never be like it was brother! Peacepassiton-

Mandy Dewald says:

Ok, Jerry is sadly gone. Mayer helps keep things tight & right! But I agree with the lyrics comment. Only 4 the gold though?! Come on dude

one one says:

Your right about the slow tempo. If you watch the live stream the crowd is shown and look like their asleep. I don't think Bobby wants to make every song a ballad but I remember him being quoted or saying he wanted to change the arrangements up. I don't think slowing the songs down is the right answer though. When I used to go-to shows the tempo of the music help create part of the energy of the total experience. Yes there are slow songs and there are faster tempo songs, let's keep it that way, please. I only hope the tempo is slow because Maher is still learning the songs. If not…. Sheesh, this may go from a long strange trip to a really really really really long boring trip. Just my opinion. I still love the boys. I'm a patient person willing to wait for some magic.

Greg Bialor says:

Also, there should've been a better scream for St Stephen

Greg Bialor says:

I feel like mickey and bill slow the pace too much, maybe its slowed down because they can't move fast enough with the heartbeat of the music.

KingOfHain says:

I’m right there with ya on tempo. I uploaded 3 mixes on my page where I tweek the tempos . Come over and check out “Dead and Company’s Excellent Adventures”

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