Kicking off Summer at Shoreline!

Kicking off Summer at Shoreline!

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Grill Cheese It


Stephen Greene says:

dad and co lololol

criticman123 says:

Maybe Bobby exerts all his testosterone in the gym instead of laying it out on stage lol

criticman123 says:

Why does dead and co perpetually have a cozy, half mast kind of sound? It's like they go for the most relaxing tones possible. Obviously the musicianship is amazing but I feel like they have no teeth or claws. The dead could be scary at times… dead and co is feels like when soccer moms try to pull scary pranks versus the GD which was chainsaw haunted house level intensity

Jeff Wilson says:

Richfield 9/4/1991. My favorite tour opener and my favorite show of the 45 I got to experience. Scarlet > Fire was a religious experience.

Hunter Lytle says:

Dean, never saw your videos until now. I thought that was a great review. Agree completely on "Drums" from night one. I was at both nights and thought that "Drums" was the best part of the show. I do disagree with you on the first set though. Being there I thought it was very enjoyable and sounded great. Sure, it was a little slow, but then again folks are getting older. I also thought that "The Weight" was a great closer. It was nice having the whole band take solo vocals on that song. Overall, night two was better.

rob v says:

I could listen to dean all day . He has a way with words.

Aaron Brymer says:

I thought the playing in the band was very pretty, it made my butt hole pucker with anxiousness for the tour.

Jason Crawford says:

Never hear JRAD is too slow. I get seeing Bobby, Mikey , and Bill is awesome but I think I’d prefer to see Russo, Hamilton, Beneveto, metzger , and Driewitz. But I do get D&C has some prestige

Aaron Brymer says:

Fuckin hernia recovery lol

Aaron Brymer says:

Meant to tell you last year, love your reviews I’m back to hear whatcha got to say this tour

Jerre Geary says:

That's the first "Mama Tried" I've heard in over a decade. Newer Dead Heads in the audience seemed to be lost or clueless.

Jerre Geary says:

Grateful Dean…. I've been a Dead head since '75. Only saw them 53 times, but I was there at Winterland 2 nights for the making of the Grateful Dead Movie. Been to Further shows and a few of the Dead shows before that. Anyway, I wanted to get your take on some of the BEST D&C shows of all time. I have downloaded around 80 shows so far and I think the show on 6-30-18 at Eugene, OR was one of the best EVER. A close runner up would be Denver in 2017 and 18, followed by the NY shows at Citifield, then the Chicago, Lockin, and Alpine shows. How about you? Anyone? please chime in. Link to the Eugene show: Best 'Sugaree', 'Morning Dew' and 'Dark Star' EVER!!…prove me wrong.

Frank Giugliano says:

Your review is way to slow and clumsie

Kristan Cafolla says:

I love you dude. I know I’m not crazy when I see your opinion being the same way I feel.

max kulmer says:

You sound like Christopher walkin hahah

Taper Jon says:

hey Dean, hopefully we'll connect somewhere on tour, i'm doing deer creek & wrig

Joseph McDowell II says:

Bedeep, Bedeep, Bedeep, That’s All Folks!

Daniel Gruen The Colors says:

Darien lakes last summer 6/9 made me retire as a touring deadhead. The bloodred sky before sunset was the highlight. I enjoy your videos very much.thank you

Lost Smoke says:

Happy you're back! The band was so slooooooow. Great analysis of The Wake. How can they not hear how awful that is?

Casey Joyce says:

I found you a little over a year ago and I couldn't believe that you say exactly what I think we should talk but anyways I used to talk a lot a shit about the tempo for the 1st like 5 or 6 shows I saw and people would really look at me weird, so i said fuck it there was a time when shakedown street was barely 1 isle that sucked, and I went a few years after the grateful dead and before further, rat dog ,ect with no balloons and beautiful shoreline. What I'm getting at is hey fuck it if these songs are going to be playing and any of the original members were there than so was I.
I just Concentrate on all lyrics now,and even thats hard it seems like they push it back a few beats every year. Lol hell even Bob gits it wrong. 2 of the best dead and company shows I've ever seen except for the first one at i saw at Bill Graham civic auditorium. Althea made me a John Mayer fan, but last night that motherfucker was so sexy , that I want to fuck him now.

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