Kreutzmann’s Hat Cures All In Cincy!

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Grill Cheese It


Daveyboy says:

Best video yet brother…

Jim Jones says:

Was there is was great . So was the Creek.

average-angry-person ! says:

this was my very first dead show, it was fucking awesome!! I'm hooked. I'm going every chance I get. I so regret not going sooner! everyone should go at least once

Jim Carroll says:

Wasnt this guy on Charles in charge?

houserpowerwsp says:

The hat is from Hanalei which is on the Island of Kauai Hawaii.. it brings the mana (energy) .. saw him play there to a crowd of 30 back in 2014 Billy K knows where its at!!

DSStephen1 says:


Henry Parsons says:


Melissa Wetnight says:

Where can I get some of that Chimenti juice? Are they bottling it? :P

stephen chase says:

Dean, you could give jimmy kimmel a run for the money. when is your network show ?
brent & keith in a blender and you get chementi juice !!!
youre spot on brother, we all enjoy.

albert lobbato says:

Curious for your thoughts on 11/16/17 in Philly.

Sarah C. says:

Dean: I enjoy your “reviews”. Do you know why I can’t stream a Nugs show on my smart TV? I can only see it on my computer, which isn’t fun. Seeing shows like this is why I bought a smart tv. Granted, I’m “older” and perhaps technically challenged.

WilliamsBallMusic says:

The hat is back!

William best says:

"Captain and Tenile" Haw!

Henry Parsons says:

JM chokes on Big fat bobby chodes. Lil fuckboy

Francesco Marano says:

another honest review. thanks. btw bobby had a case of the sneezes it seems like. Ironic that it happened during the cocain verse too lol go to 17:00 mark here

Brian Souliere says:

Oh my Mr. Mayor, Sweet… busted out the campaign knee pads finally, killer puns and all… paddlin big river, too fast FOTD, do love to them, jam band beyonce, china rider, china rider, rider, china, china rider, chimenti juice, certainly was the best so far..Vote LYLT

Frank Costanza says:

John and Jeff fuckin went at it set II it was awesome

Frank Harmon says:

Dean, your unique way of getting to the lowdown on everything is great! Right on and funny too! Keep’em coming!

Michael Hayes says:

I bet Deer Creek will be better!

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