Lettuce plays JGB with D&C 2018 day 1

John Mayer & Eric Krasno – The Relix Audio Hour – https://youtu.be/9rE0Oh7NUBU
D&C Summer Selection – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNH1OldC1rUGe_PIwGeyldI7ejqFTbykd
Lockn’ Festival 2018 – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNH1OldC1rUGVnSgy3j1jzUyXIOr6wE1k
Lettuce with Dead & Company 08/25/18
at Infinity Downs Farm, Arrington, VA, USA
Erick “E.D.” Coomes — bass
Eric Krasno – guitar, vocals
Adam Deitch — drums, percussion
Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff — guitar
Ryan Zoidis — alto sax, bari sax, tenor sax
Eric “Benny” Bloom — trumpet and vocals
Nigel Hall — Vocals, Hammond B-3 organ, Clavinet, piano
John Mayer – guitar, vocals
Oteil Burbridge – bass guitar
Bob Weir – guitar, vocals
Mark Rivers – backing vocals
Alecia Chakour – backing vocals
Kofi Burbridge – keyboards

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Michael Webb says:

Omg what a set that’s what’s it’s all about right there one for history books horns crew Vocalist wow Benny blooms energy just says it all Adams rhythms fuel the vibe wow

John DiPaola says:

Honestly unreal from the start and whole way through !

Mr Danimalien says:

32:01 JM briefly enters god mode

Jezmund90 says:

Cats under the stars FTW!

Randy Hospodar says:

Someone needs to remind that little troll that he’s playing bass

Bill E says:

I was riding the rail at this show blown away till 2:50AM had to sleep at 2:00AM they finished as I laid my head down in my tent thanking the universe for such a day of talented musicians to rock my soul. Keep on dancin fellas. I read these guys met as high schoolers at a summer camp at Julliard then formed a band as students at Julliard. Let us play they asked over and over at bars in Boston thus Lettuce. As long as they tour if I can go I'll be there. Mayer went to Berklee in Boston I wonder if they crossed paths?

billy ray williams says:

Sounds like shit… weird little people shit show except JM

lee zarnke says:

I just Love Jonny Mayer I love this I should have been there damn it BOBBBBBBBBBBBBBY 1 !!!!!!!!! THE BAND IS TIGHT

stephen h says:

Thank you for not letting jhon sing lol. He can play but cant stand his voice

Paul Colvin says:

Nice stuff here.Jerry would approve.

James Stout says:

Wish I'd been there… the sound is amazing!!!

JayBigDadyCy says:

Amazing. Good to see Kras back in the line up

Slave2TheTrafficLite For Now says:

oh hell yeah…thanks for sharing this w/ the masses.

Josiah Keenan says:

The way John mounted that guitar… damn….

Brian J. Bond says:

Love Lockn' Festival.

Me Yo says:

tomorrow bacon head can't wait

Me Yo says:

I eat lettuce wtf

Critica1Bi11 says:

Not sure how this was a tribute to JGB considering there are only 4 of the 10 songs performed attributable to Jerry, JGB, or Grateful Dead. Had I known it wasn't going to be a bunch of Jerry's Jug Band crap, I'd have stayed for this set.

Choctawnic says:

What's the name of the other dude on guitar? (tall) He fuckin JAMS!!!

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