LOCKN’ Live 8/25/18

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Stephen Oconnor says:

The breakdown at around 4 hours and 45 minutes in on iko iko is what I really wish we could see more of put of Mayer in the Dead n Co. Jams, I feel like he doesn't get the chance quite enough to expand on his end of the jams and loop offs,

I think if he were an original member then he would have that space… But he IS an original member of Dead n Co. Which is essentially a tribute/ cover band.

I guess, I appreciate the restraint he has to show there.

Much love guys! Thank you!!

Luke Wiese says:

Hell yeah, dude. Great job! Thank you – spreading the love to all that couldnt attend!

W D says:

3:02:40 Pigeons Playing Ping Pong

Special Agent0099 says:

Sooo Kind!! Sooo Good!!
Sooo Many Thanks!!

mr bill says:

Thanks Man! I registered for the live feed but fell asleep… this is a Miracle! Namaste /

Richard Lennon says:

Whats the band playin at 4:35?

WY97212 says:

Thank you!!

Richard Lennon says:

Time stamps for dead and co?????

Josef Antinucci says:

You 'da man! Thank you!!

Jimmy Chimpo says:

Will you or any channel you know of be live streaming tonights dead and co set??….thanks for this upload btw

Eugene Brady says:

Thank you, Cosmic, this really makes my Sunday morning!

Geert v/d laar says:

Thank you Cosmic, the music never stopped !!

Cosmic says:

This is a very long stream and will take awhile for it to finish processing and show the 13 hrs of music

Jonathan P says:

That's exactly why John sings Sugaree and not Bob. Mayer's voice is perfect for that song

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