Lost Sailor and Saint of Circumstance – Dead & Company 10/29/2015

Dead And Company at the Times Union Center, Albany, NY 10/29/2015

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Paul Garber says:

DUDE, fantastic recording. Thanks for sharing. I may post another view of the same, I was there, and I hope it lives up.

Mimi Hodgkins says:

How can anyone listen to this song without breaking down in tears…it's too exquisite for words.

Charles Barber says:

DC Show: Exceeded already high expectations – lively, fun, masterfully played, crisp and thumping sound, dream set list. And John Mayer, wow. Mix one part Garcia, one part Eddie van Halen, and one part young Elvis Presley, shake, and never sit down again. Bobby hanging back and giving Mayer a lot of space for Garcia songs in first set, then blasting in for second set with just all sorts of great stuff. Wonderful Touch of Grey encore, smiles all around, that was for sure. Top Show.

Charles Barber says:

Seeing them tomorrow in DC – great and under-appreciated song(s). I ushered like 9 of the 1980 Warfield SF shows in 1980 (and many at the Greek) when this was in heavy rotation, and always a favorite, BW at his best. Mayer is great at this, and I as an old fan, I don't get the nostalgia, "he's not Jerry" of some folks (many who may not have seen much of the early days). Mozart played well is, well, great Mozart, even if WAM is not at the keyboards himself, and the music needs to grow and gain new adherents and masters to grow. I loved Jerry and saw him countless times (lived near the Keystone in Berkeley, CA back in the day), but the music must grow or die, and it seems to be growing nicely, so that is a blessing.

I saw Mayer open for the Rolling Stones summer of 2014 on the Circus Maximus in Rome, midsummers' night, 75,000 people, not an easy gig, and he wowed and charmed the crowd. The guy has chops, respect for the original work, creativity to build on it, and brass balls, hats off. and if you doubt the brass balls comment, watch him go toe-to-toe with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood and the boys on a Muddy Waters tune "Champaign and Reefer" in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofmYQJ8qFLI

Michael DeMatteis says:

Bob is a beast.love you man.50 + still going strong.just my opinion,but I think jm is doing a great job.

Warren Friesner says:

Check at 14:42 — see how Weir is interacting with JM; it's clear that there's a lot of mutual respect here, which leads to cohesion. I was at Sunday's concert and, with a few minor exceptions it was an incredibly tight show, Weir was energized, his voice was more powerful than it's sounded in year, and Mayer did the thing that Dead fans really want….he made it as close to a Grateful Dead show as you can get in 2015…he just disappeared down the rabbit hole into that role, bringing his own particular talents and style to bear, but showing great dedication to the music, and love for it, which is all I can ask.

Miriam German says:

Fucking Stoked! Watching from Portland OR. Thanks Sean!


bad sound makes them look bad

Courtney Lehmann says:

I get it that Mayer's good. But, I just can't. It's just too apparent that he never saw Jerry. More power to him, as if he needs more, it's strayed too far from the shore for me at this point. Who cares what I think though.

Kevin McLaughlin says:

so, everyone is talking on their cell phones… can't hear the band over the hummmmm.

Stuart Walker says:

The Spirit Soars … Thank GOD for all of this!

Ron Reach says:

Guy talking at the beginning sounds EXACTLY like me, where is he from

J.T. Barthelemy says:

I've heard that voice before!!!

Grav Channel says:

No offense to Trey, i love him very much. but i feel like Dead & Company has got rid of that Dead50 vibe. This Dead & Company tour has potential to shit on Dead50, more time to heat up. Looking forward to listening to each concert

Tom Cortis says:

doesn't sound to bad for being first show i hope they have it together by NYE in LA

mi ok says:

one of the hardest transitions is the lead-in to 'sure dont know' part, and this was rocky for sure but the potential is ooooozzing off the stage. By the time they get to where i am in SF they will rock……thanks for sharing

Michael Foley says:

cant believe Mike Gordon turned down this gig

photoslum says:

6 days till philly, but i may have to hit msg first

Mike Mack says:

Nicely done. I know its early, but this is a good start to hush the naysayers.

Marya Shapiro says:

sean ur the bomb thx for sharing!

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