“Morning Dew” Dead & Co. 11/19/17 TD Garden, Boston MA

Dead & Co. “Morning Dew” Boston MA 11/19/17 TD Garden

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Heisenberg says:

That final solo is as good as it gets. Energy had to be through to roof to get to those heights. Incredible

Dan says:

I think his guitar stopped working around the 7 min mark and he switched. Then proceeded to absoluting shred my face off haha

Rich Sadowsky says:

this was a high point in the show for me. Great show Sunday night in Boston. Hartford here we come!

Dash Jeffreys says:

Just too much crowd chatter. Don't people ever shut up and dig the music!!??

P. Schouten says:

9:00 —>>

Steve Sharkey says:

This is Killer!!!!!

Zach Z says:

made my year! been waiting for jm to take my favorite song out of the park.. in person. pure victory and joy!!!!

Matt Sigward says:

Let Oteil sing!!

Brad Dunning says:


Erica Caparrotta says:

Seeing this made my entire life

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