Phil Lesh & Friends – 2/13/15 Terrapin Crossroads

Phil Lesh
Stanley Jordan
John Molo
Jeff Chimenti
John Kadlecik

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Rafa Goes says:

Sweeeet !!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Adam Eckels says:

Stanley Jordan on that Franklin’s Tower from 2:45 on…. Holy mother of
mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would take a whole pail of water to cool
him down!

MrJoeykl66 says:


Oaksterdam Dan says:

Set 1 8:10pm – 9:35pm

Crazy Fingers jk >
Cumberland Blues pl jk >
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (instrumental)
They Love Each Other jk
Friend of The Devil pl jk
Black Peter jk >
Shakedown Street jk

Set 2 10:10pm – 12:10am

Viola Lee Blues (w/The Seven) pl jk
The Wheel pl jk >
Help On The Way jk >
Slipknot! >
Just a Little Light jk >
Lady With a Fan pl >
Terrapin Station pl jk >
I Know You Rider pl jk >
Slipknot! >
Franklin’s Tower pl

E: donor rap
The Sound of Silence (instrumental) >
Eleanor Rigby (instrumental)
band intros 

John T says:

Thank you! Haven’t seen Stanley in over 20 years, but it looks like he’s
having a little trouble keeping up with the roaring rapids that IS, Phil &

Rodger Strickland says:

GREAT! thanks for posting – awesome to see Stanley!

Boba Phish says:

I had a blast at this show,. thanks for posting it

Vince Johnson says:

holy f-

mitch spector says:

Great Thank you ♫

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