Ramble on Rose – Dead and Company 6/25/2016

Just Like New York City – Dead and Company at Citi Field in Queens, NY 6/25/2016

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Christian says:

REALLY could have done without Donna.

Patrick McMahon says:

Donna still sucks

joseph pattison says:

Saw both shows at Alpine last weekend. This song was a highlight Mayer just shredded on this song. These guys are doing it right. They're enjoying themselves, changing up the songs a bit and Mayer is playing with a nice bluesy feel. He fits in nicely. I hope that they tour more. Plus drums has been fucking awesome. It used to be potty time, but not anymore. Mickey is fucking awesome with Billy!

Stuart Napier says:

Brings back some great concert memories . . and John sure can get in the zone on his solos.

G13 classified says:

amazing. can't wait for alpine! Donna is just awful (still)

Kevin Hughes, AICP CEP says:

Outstanding Old Man.. May God bless you and Your Family k

Carin Channing says:

What a joy! Thank you!

Steve Sobel says:

great seats! thanks!!!

Robert Harmon says:

i was there last nite ….great show

Francesco Marano says:

Bobby flub at 1:16 lol great tune nonetheless

opalight orro says:

Nice to see Donna enjoying herself

rm1133 says:

Sean clearly had great seats.  I'm interested to hear Throwing Stones as it was their debut.

mike p says:

Grate Video Sean!! thanks for all you do!!

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