Ratdog 3.4.14: Jack Straw ~ All Along the Watchtower

Ratdog plays the magnificent Shea’s Performing Art Center in Buffalo, N.Y. March 4, 2014
Bob Weir: Guitar, vocals
Jeff Chimenti, Keys
Steve Kimock: Guitar
Rob Wasserman, Standup bass,
Robin Sylvester, Electric bass,
Jay Lane,Drums, vocals

Jay Lane, Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman, Jeff Chimenti, Steve Kimock, Robin Sylvester, Ratdog,

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ckairnes68 says:

Bob is always on it.

whittle4u says:

Might be the best journey into Jack Straw I’ve ever heard.

Beth Kemp says:

for everyone up here in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area thats missing
Ratdog tonight ( cancelled CMAC show) hey- Buffalo was FUN last March 4 !
oo xoxoxo

sgbskates says:

Why does Bob’s strat have a telecaster headstock? 

martin bishop says:

Jack Straw is amazing.

stellablu477 says:

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