Rockin at Lockn with Dead & Company

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Grill Cheese It


Dustin Novak says:

Let Dean sing!
Grateful Williamson's!

Amy Bloomberg says:

Beautiful commentary Dean. I so “get “ what you’re saying. Thanks

August West says:

You are annoying. Who assigned you the voice of D&C? Dork.

COCHRB1 says:

"Full Shatner" lol

Stagger Lee says:

Nice to see you outdoors Dean. You needed some fresh air.

Stagger Lee says:

Could you be any more right about the awful vocals on Wharf Rat? This is a Jerry masterpiece that they completely fuck up.
Retire Wharf Rat and Crazy Fingers.

Jimmy Hawke says:

That jam after space is Doing It To Death, the James Brown tune.

Jimmy Hawke says:

Doing it to Death into the Other One was spectacular.

Lucas Roark says:

Saw you out there Dean. Fun dancing you're the man

erick ziglar says:


Tony Laughlin says:

are you going to review anything else until when/if Dead and Co. come back? You are entertaining as fuck. Thanks man for all the review this summer. Seems like I picked a highlight show of tour at Dodger Stadium. take care, see you around the bend

Jason Weinberg says:

Snooze fest indeed, was watching the live stream, I expected something more powerful from the show topper, heard John on SiriusXM GD channel saying he would be on fire at Lockn,…fell asleep during their set. I’m glad your being there didn’t corrupt your objectivity!

Mike The Photographer says:

"Derek Trucks started playing when he was a fetus" Dean you crack me up!

Skip Kendall says:

It is impossible to get all that JRAD magic followed by that Dead and Slow tragedy.

bjbhehir says:

I was hoping you went to these shows!!Love the reviews!!

Kevin Jansen says:

If Mayer overplayed with the more senior gentleman, the whole thing would sound like a Mayer takeover. JRAD embodies the new frontier jamming spirit of the Grateful Dead better than Dead & Co. in my not-too-unique opinion. That being said, I’ll still be seeing Bobby as long as he’s picking.

Garrett Carrico says:

There was one band playing at one time on stage. There wasn’t music everywhere lol.

Dustin Taylor says:

Where were you taping this video at? Just wondering because if you were at the festie I didnt hear/see/smell anyone?

Porterhouse says:


Daveyboy says:

Good to see ya Dean…

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