Rundown of John Mayer’s 2018 Dead & Company Pedalboard and Amp Rig

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As observed in Hartford, CT 06-13-18
MXR MC404 CAE Dual Inductor Wah Wah:

Boss TU3 Chromatic Tuner Pedal:​

Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive (Non-Horsie):

Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer Classic Overdrive:

Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron Plus XO Envelope Follower Pedal:

Boss OC-3 Dual Super Octave Pedal:

Way Huge WHE701 Aqua-Puss Analog Delay:

MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay:

Strymon Flint Tremolo and Reverb:

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Kz ' says:

John use tube ts10 boost vol. ?

Anthony says:

What happened to his PRS J-MOD amp? Not using anymore?

DoctorSpock says:

It was different a month later. I saw a Timeline, no Klon that I could see, and some other mysterious pedal

Ryan Halliwell says:

Im a stagehand in saratoga new york and his tech jay was kind enough to give me a rundown…he told me he mainly uses the uper eagle on the mid. Position to a acheave the garcia tone…the dead and co. Rig is nothing like his solo setup…all looks acurate 3 fender combos and a pretty moderately yet practical pedalboard.he is only putting his spin on music that was written before his time and doing a great job..also teavels with his solo guitats but are not used during this set…including the silversky.

Miguel Pessanha says:

Carbon Copy? That;s a new one

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