Shakedown Street into Jack Straw – Dead and Company 6/25/2016

Opening song – Dead and Company at Citi Field in Queens, NY 6/25/2016

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Lizzie Sangi says:

I am totally hooked on Melvin Seals and the JGB! Melvin totally kept the sound together. this Jack Straw is awesome but I will take Melvin seals band over this any day . Mel iz just that awesome!!!

Blum Kin says:

who's the old hag

Doris Deacon says:

also listened 2 shakedown street! (wouldn't mind living on that street) awesome job! "Bob's always strummin the nite away! "john" he's cool,he's a be-bobbin dude! donna was groovin 2! "jack straw which was sung by "bob" he did a excellent job! so it's 2 thumbs up from me! keep on truckin! "always" an be in cool!

KeenOne Best says:

JACK STRAW > 15:35

Scott Rahn says:

A friend who was there just sent me a text saying it was a really hot show especially 2nd set. This video is great but I need a little better sound quality. Watching for a new vid and archive upload. Mayer appears to be getting off pretty hard. I have enjoyed some of this new incarnation but the slow tempos really irk me. I'm not sure why (Bobby I assume) has slowed down many songs going back to Furthur Band. Drives me nuts. I have not been able to listen to a Dad & Co show more than once yet. Maybe this one does the trick for me. Thanks for the upload!

Carissa Fel says:

Never thought John Mayer was sexy until I went to this show Sat!

Bryan Counts says:

I love Mayer's  dorky gyrations when he grooves, but he definitely has the guitar licks to back it up.

Kara Blasco says:

Jack Straw… Sing it, Bobby!

Todd Walsh says:

Really nice singing on that Jack Straw. Sounds sweet.

Joshua Adams says:

I just seen oteil sing backup ;)

Sean Bell says:

Just not feeling JM…..I'm sorry just an opinion….and yes I've seen him live w band…thnx for the post!

chezbruno says:

don't tell me NYC ain't got no heart! (~):}

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