Shakedown Street into They Loved Each Other – Dead and Company November 22, 2017

Dead and Company from the XL Center in Hartford, Ct on Wednesday November 22, 2017

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Wolf Sings says:

They Love, not They Loved… And you call yourself a Deadhead!!!

Erik Loomis says:

Bob was in great voice, they are better every time we see them!

Chris Caveny says:

next question, is Bobby wearing some kind of back brace or something, or is he just fat?

Chris Caveny says:

what is that mat that Oteil stands on?

Chris Caveny says:

another gem from Sean

sean maschue says:

Masterful recording (and jam) Thanks @Sean

Rich Sadowsky says:

The kids behind me were yelling "Shakedown Street" from the moment D&C first took the stage. They had to wait for the second song to hear it. Fantastic show. Thanks for the video Sean.

Allen Familia says:

Thank you Sean Roche!

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