Shoreline Sizzles On The Second!

Shoreline Sizzles On The Second!

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LobsterBoy says:

Having been in a few bands, I’ve seen that it can take years of playing together before that magic moment happens where everything truly locks in. You can’t just throw a bunch of great players together and expect them to automatically be a great band right away. They have to bond and get to know each on a personal level. It’s the only way to find that place where you become so in sync with each other that you don’t even have think about it anymore.
Seems like that finally happened for Dead and Co. on night 2 at Shoreline.
One of greatest things about the Dead has always been they’re willingness and ability to evolve. This is just the next part of the evolution process.
People can make fun of Mayer’s looks and movements all they want but none of that has anything to with the fact that he is arguably one of the best guitarists on the planet, alive or dead. If not THE best.

Casey Spacey says:

So far both nights seem uninspired and the tempos are waaay too slow. Bob Weir can hardly play anymore at twmpos that arent dirge like, its kind of pathetic.

comcasthawk says:

When are you people going to grow up…?? Stupid jerk goes online and “reports” about a concert like it’s the Second Coming.
Dean, your kids and friends must think you’re a douche.
Who the fuck cares what shirt Bob Weird is wearing..??
Get a life and stop giving freaks like Bob Weird you’re money.

Lost Sailor says:

Thank you Dean. Great to know that they kicked it up a notch. (~);-}

Taper Jon says:

oh geez, you crack me up, i am smiling smiling smiling

Taper Jon says:

great review, lol,

Hearth Blackberry says:

real special indeed, better than 1st nite eventhough the day 1 acid was fresh!! (~);’)

Jerre Geary says:

Grateful Dean…. I've been a Dead head since '75. Only saw them 53 times, but I was there at Winterland 2 nights for the making of the Grateful Dead Movie. Been to Further shows and a few of the Dead shows before that. Anyway, I wanted to get your take on some of the BEST D&C shows of all time. I have downloaded around 80 shows so far and I think the show on 6-30-18 at Eugene, OR was one of the best EVER. A close runner up would be Denver in 2017 and 18, followed by the NY shows at Citifield, then the Chicago, Lockin, and Alpine shows. How about you? Anyone? please chime in. Link to the Eugene show: Best 'Sugaree', 'Morning Dew' and 'Dark Star' EVER!!…prove me wrong.

Kristan Cafolla says:

John should never sing falsetto again. It’s fucking terrible.

Max says:

Dean, I'm going to the Deer Creek show and both Wrigley shows. Now, I'm gonna pull this one out of my ass….lets hope they pull out a Smokestack Lightning during one of those shows!

Michael Solazzo says:

you forgot about the my favorite things

Terry Lawhon says:

It was a great show but unfortunately we were outside in line from 6 to 8:30, missed all but the last number on the first set. Live Nation gets an f for event management.

Timothy Ryan says:

Well well, Second Show blasted away most of the cobwebs and rust..
Jeff and John Boy pushing hard with Billy gettin that groove. Jerry was smiling last night.
Good stuff – and ya cant beat them Dancing Ladies of olde San Francisco Town..
thx as always Dean- L Y L T

John Brosnan says:

Nice. Thank you. Tell me, someone, is it worth getting the Nug's monthly subscription to hear these shows? I'd rather see videos of the shows since they do video tape them.

Stuck in Ohio says:

Reviews are better than the shows, at this point a Jimmy Buffet show is more inspiring

Sean Bell says:

Thought china rider ttansition was best yet for these guys…

Suzan Dione says:

Love watching your reviews.

Jim Fields says:

Wasn't there a time in set two called Deal that reeeaaally rocked?

Luke Shriver says:

What about my favorite things?

UF FAN says:

I loved when bob came out for the encore with a JM tank top.

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