Throwing Stones – Dead and Company 6/25/2016

Dead and Company at Citi Field in Queens, NY 6/25/2016

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J Winslow says:

They couldn't have picked a better guy to fill in for Jerry.

edward zuhoski says:

Fantastic show, my gf and i rocked all night, they did nail it…

Braeden Brown says:

wonder why they slowed it down?

Young Lee says:

Me thinks the Dead & Co. Love New York.

Christopher Kelley says:

nice work, gentlemen

John M says:

Thanks for the upload great quality.

John M says:

Mayer is amazing on this.

Jonathan Walser says:

Wow!! That is all I can say!! They absolutely killed it!! I am so happy they broke this one out!! A couple more times singing that one and they will definitely have it perfected!! I believe other than "Black Muddy River", that was their best debut this tour!! Looking forward to more, thanks so much for posting, Sean!! Your videos are always top notch! I could only do Charlotte this year, but you have provided us some great footage of the other shows, TY!!

rm1133 says:

Wow, they really nailed it for the 1st try.  Bobby sang it great.  I hope they continue to play it because I think it'll only get better.  When I saw it was in the soundcheck, I knew they'd be busting it out.  Thanks for posting.

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