Truckin into He’s Gone – Dead and Company 6/26/2016

First songs of the second set – Dead and Company at Citi Field in Queens, NY 6/26/2016

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Ralph Herman says:


Chris Pruiett says:

I hadn't seen any of them together since 2004 with Jimmy Herring and Warren Haynes, but after watching these July 2016 vids I'm really impressed and kicking myself for not seeing them when they came around the DC area last time. John Mayer surprises the shit out of me, he's really doing a grade A job IMO.

Claudio Morales says:

MUY BUENO…………………….

Teapot DP says:

replaying and enjoying a cold beer, just like at the show …But a lot HOTTER today ✌

thomas bell says:

Dang — this is a unique guitar. Bobby didn't play that one in Boulder.

Andrew Durdunas says:

was there. such an amazing night. dead and company has to be the best dead family band since jerrys been gone.

Thomas Richmond says:

Too cool to see Donna up there , thanks Sean ✌️

chr1skol1 says:

It' so nice to to see Donna and the other guys singing and smiling. :) Very cool.

Young Lee says:

Sean, you are sweet. I saw Mudcrutch at Webster Hall Ny. Didn't film a thing and was surprised no one you tubed the second show. :( Love your videos! I'm in Chicago visiting my 90yr old mom. & one of my brothers said Something neg about Weir just in it for$ and I was like no no no it's a real groove & fab light show and Donna gets a Rose for her lifelong contributions! Mayer is like my young days seeing BB or Muddy all the time. He's beyond!!! Worthy and at 60 I get to hear the music of my youth( with all sorts of loss in life) I love Dead&Co!

Sam Feinberg says:

He's Gone was sublime. The show started off a bit rough but got into an incredible groove towards the end of the first set through the 2nd.

laxin26 says:

Great vid Sean!  And great seats!

Jae Jaeson says:

I was here 2 rows back. man… amazing.

Young Lee says:

The thrill of a life time hearing me singing with Weir and Mayer, Donna and Oteil! Sorry if it interfered I had a blast in our row!

Ray Lang says:

what sort of a guitar is bobby playing???

Tim Tulloch says:

Nice post! Thanks

Greg Turi says:

great videos!

Aaron Greberman says:

Thanks, Sean. Your videos are tremendous!

Noah Rosenblatt says:

man thank you for these uploads! Any chance you got Days Between?

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