Twas The Night Before Christmas… Dead & Company

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Grill Cheese It


Ace says:

Successfully turned Black Muddy River into Black Toxic Swamp

Mike The Photographer says:

Dean you crack me up = keep up the great work – we love you!

Trippychug says:

This was hella funny!!!! Kind buds you gotta like this!

Brian Sims says:

I ALWAYS look forward to ANY new posts. We're grateful for you Dean

rakhi B says:

Merry Christmas. Thank you for all the share.

Nub Ofit says:

all is forgiven

Paul Abernethy says:

White privilege

Tony S. says:

Ho Ho Fucking Ho! See you in June!

kevin christie says:

Love you Dean

David Matteson says:

Atta Boy Dean!!!… Grateful !!!

JT Woods says:

So Happy, So Merry, Sotille — dance thru the new year

OJ Mo Hairy says:

Easy FUCKING Answers!

Robert Carter says:

"Always a Hoot"!!! I love ya you funny fuck!!❤✌

Dustin Novak says:

Love you brother!

Ben Keim says:

Make Weirics a thing.

Nice4Dreams says:

How about another dance after some Christmas cheer? Still enjoy watching your Franklin’s boogie. Merry Christmas Dean!

Rick Moore says:

Love you, Dean! Feliz Navidad! Prospero Ano Nuevo!

Timothy Moran says:

Let me get one of those Arnold Jackson shirts mate!

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