weir here over there

Black Throated Wind Weir solo
Easy To Slip Weir Wasserman Jay lane joins
El Paso Bob Weir, Jason Crosby, Jay Lane, Dave Schools and Leslie Mendelson
Deep Elum Blues All Above Jeff Chimenti
Catfish John Same As Deep Elum
Couch Talk
Chasing The Thrill Leslie Mendelson solo
Jericho LM, Wasserman and Crosby
The Way I Feel Jonathan Wilson Band
Natural Rhapsody Jonathan Wilson Band
Last Leaves Of Autumn Beth Orton solo
Ooh Child Beth Orton solo
Sugar Boy Orton, Wasserman, Sam
Call Me the Breeze Orton, Wasserman, Crosby, Chimenti, Lane
Couch Talk
New Minglewood Blues Bob Weir & TRI Allstars
Easy Answers (Bob Weir & TRI Allstars)
Ramble On Rose (Bob Weir TRI Allstars)
Come Together (Bob Weir TRI Allstars)
Playing In The Band (Bob Weir TRI Allstars)

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IraHayesIraHayes says:

Lookin’ healthy and sounding great! You can’t keep a good man down.

Marc Carroll says:

still cant get over that gordon lightfoot cover.. stellar

Terrapin Flyer says:

The content owner has not made this video available on mobile… That’s a
new one. That’s what it said when I clicked on this video. Hope this can
get fixed, I wanted to see this, meow. :)

Yanire Cirincione says:

This combination of musicians is making music! Honest,Uncluttered and

stittdude says:

I was never a big fan of Easy Answers….until NOW!

Steve Sharkey says:

BOB IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yanire Cirincione says:

love this so much Bobby is the best bar none

Bob Briggs says:

hello..this one didn’t seen to like real player..any way you can repost it



Andrew Ward says:

Bobby collapses onstage in may and coms back and gives us this. Utterly
brilliant. A hard working legend that will not fade away. Keep on truckin’
down the golden road. I have unlimited devotion!

Steve Anderson says:

Nice Little Feat cover, among others.

rocoll108 says:

get ready for an amazing show brother, I believe that Furthur is the best
lineup these guys have put together in a long time, high energy, tight
transitions, this group of players is no joke…have a good show

rainbowpagun says:

bobby we love ya brother take care of yor self namates

Brina Stasi says:

thanks man

tony perez says:


Winston Magill says:

that was fucking awesome

Spirit22g says:

Where is?

Laughing Willow says:

Thank you:)

Christopher Emge says:

this is the type of performance that makes men dare to love again

Augest West says:

Well if this was after the “fall show” yes I think we all can see that Bob
looks good and sounds great. I am going to my first further show ever in
July and I hope to see him looking good and feeling good. I would rather
give my ticket to the pin up wall then see the man over worked and tired as
he was. I am in the belief that he did mistakenly take an ABIAN Knowing
what they can do being I take them myself. if your body just like anything
else is not used to something it’ll get ya. THE WIND!

IraHayesIraHayes says:

I think it’s a sin that you didn’t cover the Lynyrd Skynrd Call me the
Breeze instead of this nightmare….

WeirDylan Marley says:

BOBBY!!!! You sound awesome,Sometimes we need Just Need A Little Light,take
it easy I don’t think anyone played more shows than you.Maybe B.B King,we
don’t keep track you just play and we just listen.Thank You !!!!! Love you
brother….I wish I loved work like you do!!!!!

murphybeans says:

not only is wasserman a monster on the fretless upright, he also resembles
frankenstein in the face. nice.

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